While TikTok has become a key platform for entertainment, it’s also increasingly becoming a destination for discovery, with more and more people now turning to app to learn more about products, trends and more.

Which could be an important consideration for your marketing efforts. Depending on your target market, TikTok may now be a key driver of interest, and as such, your brand should have a presence within the expanding TikTok space.

Well, for now at least. TikTok may also be gone from the U.S. as of early next year, but that outcome is still yet to be determined, amid various legal challenges.

Till then, these insights from Adobe may be of interest. Adobe surveyed 808 consumers, as well as 251 business owners, to glean more insight into how TikTok is being used for product discovery.

Some potentially valuable notes.

TikTok as a search engine infographic

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