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Woman lives dream, gets tattoo


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74-year-old Rita Hopkins has wanted a tattoo for more than four years. Wednesday, her dream came true.

LEXINGTON, Ky. (WTVQ) – It’s not every day you get to live out a dream, especially if that dream involves getting a tattoo.

For 74-year-old Rita Hopkins, getting a tattoo has been a dream of hers for more than four years.

“When I turned 70 four years ago, I decided I wanted a tattoo. And each birthday, I just put it off a little bit more,” said Hopkins.

Wednesday, she finally made that dream a reality at Tattoo Charlie’s in Lexington.

“The older I got, the more I began to admire my friends’ tattoos. I like the little small, tasteful tattoos, and I decided, ‘yeah I’d like to have one before I go,’” said Hopkins.

Her daughter, Meg Phillips, who drove more than five hours from Ann Arbor, Michigan to be with her, got her own tattoo with her mom. She says it’s something they’ve talked about for a few years.

“It’s definitely not something I saw us doing together at all, I have a sister in law and she’s got three daughters, and they all got tattoos together a long time ago and I thought that was a neat thing. So it’s pretty special that it’s something we’ll get to share together I think,” said Phillips.

Phillips says she didn’t tell her mother what her tattoo was, wanting to keep it a surprise.

“She probably has an idea, she kind of gave me the idea. I’m getting a tattoo on my right wrist. It’s a wrap, a bracelet almost, of different ‘loves’ written by different family members,” said Phillips.

Hopkins’ tattoo is an infinity sign with three hearts representing her grandchildren. The colors of the three hearts represent their birthstones.

“It’s a wonderful feeling, they had to move to Michigan a few years ago so I don’t get to see them nearly as much as I do when they lived closeby. So I’ll always have this right here with me,” said Hopkins.

As for more tattoos, Hopkins says she’s open to the possibility.

“I hear they’re addictive, so I wouldn’t mind getting another one at all. Highly recommend them,” said Hopkins.

Hopkins lives at Preston Greens Senior Living in Lexington with her husband. Hopkins was chosen to get a tattoo through Preston Greens’ “Living the Dream” program.

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