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Who Made Kentucky "High Fashion?" | Getting Started with Embroidery


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Grab your petticoats – we’re chatting more Madame Glover, whose incredible design career spanned from the 1870s to 1912. Born in Ireland, this talented seamstress worked her way up from humble beginnings to dressing the most influential and wealthy figures in the United States. She ran her studio for over 20 years, incorporating state-of-the-art technology like electric sewing machines, and even telephone orders! Her studio no longer exists, but what stands there today is the Kentucky International Convention Center on 4th & Jefferson.

Designers of her day set the stage for famous fashion houses that we recognize today, like Balenciaga or Givenchy. The Gilded Age gave us what later became the mass production of clothing, starting with items that could be standardized in sizing (like cloaks or corsets, for example). Nowadays, we can pull something off the rack at a large box store, but to Madame Glover, a dress was meant to be customized to fit the men and women of a new era of progression.

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