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Walk out basement Brick Ranch Homes for sale in Kentucky Historic Harrodsburg KY


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[00:00:03] Let me tell you, Ken has hit the trifecta with this house. Check out this neighborhood. I mean, really, seriously, is this crazy or what? Every house and here is absolutely gorgeous. Neat as a pan. Okay, so why do I say it’s the trifecta? Well, it’s got everything that people want, everything on one floor and all brick and a full walkout basement. So, OK, how can everything be on one floor, in full walkout basement? Well, you got everything on one floor. You got 3 bedrooms and 2 baths on one floor and then in full walkout basement. You’ve got a full bath and a bedroom in the living room, fireplace and everything. She got everything up here and everything down there. Granny flat. I don’t know what are you going to use it for? Nothing. You need a lesson in real estate. But I do want to point this out. You see that little van down there, that little black van just to the right of the house. You see there’s a hose there and it just to the right that then tells me that that’s a crawlspace. There’s no walkout basement in there. OK, now opposed to that house where it’s got the door and a garage and all that stuff. That’s a walkout basement. That one’s a walkout basement. But you see those vents, then, you know, it doesn’t have a basement. This one’s got a full walkout. Basement. Port walls and everything. The builder actually built this for his daughter. So you think it’s a done right? I would think so. Walk out basement Brick Ranch Homes for sale in Kentucky Historic Harrodsburg KY

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[00:01:28] You know how you do things for your kids. You do things extra for your kids, right? Well, this is so close to town. You’re just 2 minutes from town. I’ve got the map right here. You 2 minutes from town close to everything, you’re really close to the Bluegrass Parkway, close to Frankfurt. So if you lived here, you could work in Frankfurt, which has jobs for 75 % of the state’s workforce. That’s our state capital. You could work in Lexington. That’s about 25, 30 minutes away, you pride.25 minutes to the Bluegrass Airport. And Daniels, about 10, 15 minutes. About 9 miles. Anyway, super huge porch. There’s a big deck on the back porch in the back. We’ll show you everything. Here we go. Let’s get right on in.

[00:04:49] Only kidding. I love my wife. Okay. And then she’s the only one who would put up with me. And then dining room and kitchen. This chair will always want to have a chair. Plenty of big windows. Watch kids playing on the front lawn.
What’s this big pantry here?2 doors. Right. I mean, that’s like a full commercial size pantry and then ridiculously large order. I mean, seriously, I would I personally would push a box and drive. It gets well, make this another pantry. You could have a freezer out here for your food. You could have shelves. You get all kinds of stuff. You can make all your wine out here. It’s things huge. Cap the squares. I’m not going to count. But I think those are 8inch squares. So you know how big that is. A Coke can ask him, but it’s monster.

[00:06:01] Then this is the garage. And then this is right after the garage. He got just 2 steps down. And there you go. You’re all set. Everything very neat. Even the ceiling’s done. You know, we see all these new especially new houses, and they don’t even paint the walls or anything in the garage. This is all painted and everything. So you’re good to go. All right. We’re going to go downstairs. That’s some more fun part. But here you got hardwood there,. Like that carpet here. You know, another whole house down here.

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