Turkey Hunting With .410 And 20 Gauge | Kentucky Public Land Turkey Hunt


In this week’s episode of ScoutLook’s Eastern Strut, Brett Joy and Jay Dubois are hunting on Kentucky public land where there are turkeys galore, but Mother Nature isn’t keen on letting the guys leave with a gobbler. Then we travel to the western edge of the Eastern wild turkey’s range in Kansas, where Josh Dahlke and Mike Mattly put together a winning strategy on two henned-up longbeards.

Josh takes his gobbler with a pump-action Mossberg 500 All-Purpose Field shotgun in .410, loaded with new Federal Premium Heavyweight TSS No. 9s. At 26 yards, the strutter couldn’t stand this deadly combo.

Mike knocks down his bird at 46 yards with Federal 3rd Degree with Heavyweight TSS, fired from a semiauto Mossberg 20-gauge. He was able to make a quick, precise shot thanks to an Aimpoint Micro H-2 sight.

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