Tommy Case: Kentucky Fiddle Maker


In 2020-2021 I was an honored to be an apprentice of Tommy Case. This was made possible through the support of the Kentucky Arts Council and their efforts to preserve Kentucky’s traditional crafts. Over the course of the apprenticeship I made two violins. One with a more traditional aesthetic and one with more experimental wood selection and inlay. (They can be seen in the links below) During the grant application process I filmed Tommy (just using my phone) telling his story. How he got into fiddle making and playing, as well as some of the processes he goes through in his shop. Tommy is not only special person to me but to lots of people and I thought it was important to document his story and his work for people that come after us.

Tommys work:
My work:

Violin No 1 (traditional):
Violin No 2 (mocking bird):


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