The Super Mario Bros. Movie Quietly Drops Two More Trailers


While we’ve had two big, official trailers released for the upcoming Super Mario Bros. movie, a pair of TV commercials in Europe have very quietly dropped that feature some fresh footage not seen in either.

Maybe you’re the type of person who would like to avoid that at all costs, and leave as much of the movie for your actual viewing of the movie as possible. If that’s you, go away, you should have never have clicked/tapped this far into the post, what could you have possibly have been expecting.

If, however, you do not care, and realise that there will be 90-120 minutes of Mario movie and what difference does seeing another few seconds make, then welcome.

As spotted by Go Nintendo, this Dutch TV commercial—it’s subtitled, all the dialogue is in English—that runs for 31 seconds is pretty much all new footage, showing Mario getting introduced to life in the Mushroom Kingdom, particularly their public transport system, which seems incredibly efficient:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie Trailer (NEW FOOTAGE!)

While this 21-second Spanish commercial has even more stuff, bookending the Luigi moustache scene from yesterday’s full trailer with some scenes featuring Mario and Peach:

The Super Mario Bros. Movie – TV Spot (Spanish, NEW footage as of Nov. 30)

I don’t know how many more of these are going to come out between now and the film’s release in 2023, but there can’t be too many, otherwise like I alluded to above, we’ll be getting close to actually having seen large parts of the movie by then.

Anyway, if you missed yesterday’s big trailer—which featured some karting, some gladiatorial combat and Donkey Kong’s assyou can catch up and watch it here.

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