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The Importance of Our Woodlands in Kentucky


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Joanna visits with Doug McLaren, Retired Extension Forrester University of Kentucky who talks about the importance of our woodlands in Kentucky.

The basics – we depend on the woodlands and forests around the world for the air we breathe to the wood that we use in multiple forms daily. It also provides habitat for animals, offers watershed protection, and helps in the prevention of erosion. In Kentucky it is all these things plus- it provides a tremendous economic boost to our economy. Kentucky’s latest economic data shows that $8.4 billion dollars is seen in direct contribution to the economy. 26,000 jobs are directly linked to the forestry industry in Kentucky. Kentucky’s woodlands supply jobs for loggers, sawmill operations, paper production and to the housing industry such as the cabinets and flooring found in homes. Half of the state is forested and all 120 counties and the woodland owners in those counties have some forestry activity contributing to the economy. Kentucky woodlands have some 50 commercially important species spread across the state. Wood from these operations is seen being used domestically as well on demand around the world – especially oak. This one particular species – white oak – has seen a tremendous increase in demand because of the production of barrels for the ever expanding production of bourbon. This industry is predominantly responsible for the doubling of white oak log prices in the past several years. Bottom line: Kentucky woodlands are valuable. Kentucky woodlands produce wood for products found around the world. Kentucky woodlands produce jobs throughout the state. Kentucky woodlands – most importantly – are a RENEWABLE, SUSTAINABLE product for Kentucky and the thousands of woodland owners that manage them.

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