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The first mobile phone in world..You must know about it..


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Ok in this video I tried to discuss about the history of the first mobile phone..

The size of the first mobile phone….

The weight of the first mobile phone…

The price of the first mobile phone…

So in this video I have wanted to say..

Mobile phones, particularly the smartphones that have become our inseparable companions today, are relatively new.

However, the history of mobile phones goes back to 1908 when a US Patent was issued in Kentucky for a wireless telephone.

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Mobile phones were invented as early as the 1940s when engineers working at AT&T developed cells for mobile phone base stations.

The very first mobile phones were not really mobile phones at all. They were two-way radios that allowed people like taxi drivers and the emergency services to communicate.

Instead of relying on base stations with separate cells (and the signal being passed from one cell to another), the first mobile phone networks involved one very powerful base station covering a much wider area.

Motorola, on 3 April 1973 were first company to mass produce the the first handheld mobile phone.

These early mobile phones are often referred to as 0G mobile phones, or Zero Generation mobile phones. Most phones today rely on 3G or 4G mobile technology.

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