The Best Cozy Games For Nintendo Switch



A school of blue fish in the game Abzu.

Screenshot: Giant Squid

I know your mind is racing, so why don’t you sit down tonight with your Nintendo Switch and try out one of these six relaxing games?

There’s time for it, I promise. I know that everything feels like a lot—there are an infinite number of people to call, cavities to fill, and bills to pay, as well as, a never ending string of monkeypox and forest fires out in the wider world. I often find video games to be stressful, too, but within them, there’s always an easy and finite solution, and that in itself can be soothing.

But these games let you complete simple, visually pleasing tasks like pouring steamy cups of coffee or indulging in an atmospheric fantasy within the deep blue depths of an ocean floor. Relaxation is just as important to schedule as anything else, so take a little bit of time to read through this list and plan your next brain vacation.


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