The Best (And Weirdest) Road Trip Pit Stops In Every Southern State


As the saying goes, sometimes, life’s about the journey, not the destination. We think that the same holds true with road trips. A classic road trip across the South isn’t just about the landing point set in your GPS, but the snacks, the company, and of course, the roadside attractions. From “world’s largest” record-holding sculptures to the most niche highway-side museums you’ve ever seen, these quirky attractions are what a road trip is all about. Break up the monotonous miles by adding a quick stop at a funky destination to your course. It may add time to your ETA, but the unique memories with your road tripping companions will be well worth it. Spend a few minutes marveling at a replica Eiffel Tower wearing a cowboy hat, take a load off at an oddly specific theme park, or venture into a local oddity that claims to be an exception to the laws of gravity. For all that and more, here’s our list of must-see eccentric pit stops to add to your road trip itinerary. These unique spots are worth the detour.  

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