Tears Of The Kingdom’s Best Duplication Glitch After Patch


Link encounters the magic of item duplication in a gold orb.

Screenshot: Nintendo / Kotaku

The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom players briefly fell on hard times last week when Nintendo patched out a bevy of exploits, including some super easy and lucrative glitches for getting infinite diamonds and Lynel Horns. Fortunately, it took almost no time at all for players to discover a new trick for duplicating items.

Before the recent patch updated Tears of the Kingdom to version 1.1.2, getting unlimited gems, Black Moblin Horns, and Zonai charges was as easy as jumping off a hill and gliding for 30 seconds. The new method players have found doesn’t duplicate items as quickly and is a little more tedious, but there’s no real difficulty or skill required.

The new exploit comes by way of YouTuber Kibbles Gaming and revolves around tricking the game into thinking an item is still in your inventory even after you’ve thrown it. Players have been iterating on this approach for a few days now and finally settled on a process that works every time and doesn’t require rapid precision button presses. Here are the steps:

  1. Save the game
  2. Take the item you want to duplicate and fuse it to a weapon
  3. Have Link prepare to throw the weapon
  4. While he’s holding it press the minus button to open the map
  5. Scroll over to the Adventure log and down to memories
  6. Select a memory to watch
  7. Press X and then the plus button to skip it
  8. Repeat for three more memories
  9. Press the plus button to go to the save screen
  10. Load the save file you made at the start

Gif: Nintendo / Kibbles Gaming / Kotaku

When it’s successful, the weapon and item attached to it will have been thrown and lying on the ground just a little ways off while the other is still in your inventory. You can then have the Goron Pelison in Tarrey Town remove the extra item from the fused weapon for 20 rupees, a small price to pay for a free 500 rupee diamond. It’s not as fast as dropping dozens of duplicated items while paragliding but still more convenient than the alternative of, ugh, grinding through the game as the developers intended.

As Kibbles explains, this glitch works because each memory viewed in the menu actually progresses the game by a single frame even though it’s paused. The item then gets transported into the earlier file when you reload the save, because magic. Such is the strange and unruly beauty of Tears of the Kingdom, a sprawling open world game where you can fight three headed dragons or construct an industrial-grade fishery.


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