Suffrage TV – Looking for Lilith's The KY Suffrage Project, part of the Louisville Cultural Pass


Looking for Lilith Theatre Company presents The Kentucky Suffrage Project. For the Louisville 2020 Virtual Cultural Pass, we are highlighting:
Nannie H. Burroughs: The Slabtown District Convention
Frances Fox


This summer is the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment giving women the right to vote!! Did you know that Louisville women worked along side national leaders like Ida B. Wells and Susan B Anthony to help get women the right to vote? Did you know the suffragists used both performing and visual arts in their movement for change? Join Looking for Lilith Theatre Company as we engage in the art forms of the movement to learn about our local suffragists.

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Music Credits:

“It’s Been a Long Way to Woman Suffrage”
Performed during the Fayette County Equal Rights Association’s event for National Suffrage Day, May 6, 1916 – the largest suffrage parade in Kentucky.
From H-Kentucky

“Votes For Women Sure To Win”
Women’s Suffrage Centennial Chorus, The Frankfort, KY Initiative

The Kentucky Suffrage Project
Commemorating the 100th Anniversary of the 19th Amendment, Looking for Lilith explores women’s suffrage in Kentucky within the context of the national movement. This intersectional devising project lifts up under-told stories and suffragists of color. It looks at economic, educational, and racial tensions in that movement, as well as challenges and disenfranchisement that still exist today.

Looking for Lilith Theatre Company is a women’s ensemble that creates productions and programming through re-examining history and interrogating today from women’s perspectives, a practice that frequently uncovers unheard voices. LFL productions and programming serve adults, youth and children locally, nationally and internationally.


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