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Strange Things Everyone Thought Were Normal 100 Years Ago


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Technology – and American cultural norms – have changed at such a blindingly fast pace that we sometimes forget just how weird the world used to be. Things that were once commonplace seem strange today, although it’s probably also true that humans who live 100 years in the future will think the things we do are pretty strange too. Sadly, we don’t have any way to actually show a 22nd-century person a YouTube video of someone eating a Tide Pod. But we can at least enjoy our own bemusement at the strange and bizarre habits of our recent ancestors…

Homes for disobedient wives and other crazy people | 0:32
When ugly was illegal | 1:22
Trick or turkey | 2:14
When cigarettes cured asthma | 3:06
Professional waker-uppers | 4:06
Early 20th-century PowerPoint | 4:56

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