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The Pulaski County Sheriff’s Office has responded to reports of a scam misrepresenting the law enforcement agency.

The sheriff’s office issued a statement on Monday warning the public that they have received several calls from citizens stating that they had been contacted by someone claiming that that the person being called has a warrant on them, then telling the call recipient that they could go to a certain location in Pulaski County and transfer money.

“The call is coming from 606-514-7830,” according to the sheriff’s office. “When you dial that number, you get an answering machine identifying themselves as the Pulaski County Sheriff’s Department Warrants Division.

“We do not operate that way,” continued the statement. 

Major Jeff Hancock noted that any demographic of individual could be a target of this type of call.

“They prey on people’s fear,” he said. “Even though people know that they probably don’t have anything like that existing (as far as a warrant out on them), they will feel like they’ve got to do something. … They’re preying on just about anybody that they can get to.”

The trick is in the volume of calls made, Hancock noted.

“They get a bunch of people,” he said. “If they only score two or three times, (the scammers) have made a pretty good day’s wage.” 

Hancock noted that one victim of the scam reportedly sent the scammers $900.

The type of location the victim might be sent to could be a gas station where they’re told they should wire money to the sheriff’s office.

“That’s just not the way we do business,” said Hancock. “… We don’t call people about warrants anyway, or overdue parking tickets or citations or anything like that. Chances are, if we do (make contact with someone), it’s either by a traffic stop, or we go to their house. We’ll be in uniform when we approach them.”

Anyone who receives that type of call should contact that sheriff’s office at 606-678-5145.

“If you have friends that don’t have Facebook, please make them aware of this scam,” requested the sheriff’s office.

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