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Seven Tips For Your First Flight


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**Updated 2020 TSA video below: On my Travel Tips by Laurie Channel I’m sharing seven helpful tips if this is your first time flying in an airplane. If you have never flown before, you will feel at ease after hearing these 7 helpful tips. These travel expert tips will help your first flight be successful and smooth as you see the ticketing agent first when you walk in the airport. I’ll show you how to walk through security with the right amount of liquids in your bag for the TSA. You will have your ID or passport and travel documents ready and easily accessible. You will hear tips about rearranging your items when you are through security and on to your airplane boarding area. Take your time because you are prepared to go through the airport smoothly for your first flight.
If this is your first time flying in an airplane, leave me a comment below. #firstflight

What I Mentioned:
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Medical Helps:
CPAP Travel Tag: https://bit.ly/3ahwjEm
CPAP Wipes: https://bit.ly/3kFwgqT
Travel Sanitizing Wand: https://bit.ly/2FjAHHF
Diabetic Storage Purse (my Mom has this exact one): https://bit.ly/3fQYBqn
Diabetic Purse Large: https://bit.ly/33TZT1K (many colors)

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