Renfro Valley Kentucky farm for sale, perfect for hunting land, recreational land, standing timber

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[00:00:03] I’ve been doing this a long time, 32 years this year, and after you see some farms, I still love real estate. Still the property is still a farms. But after you see one after another, dozens after dozens, you can get to be wary. You’re not too impressed. But once in a while there’ll be a farm comes up where you’ll be impressed enough to say, wow, and this is one of those. And that’s no salesman B.S. That’s the real deal. This place is fantastic. Now, if you ever heard of Renfro Valley, it’s the Kentucky State Music Center and Museum and all this stuff. A lot of live music, kind of like a little Branson, little Branson, Missouri. It’s a country music capital. And it’s just right down the road, about four or five miles. You are four or five miles to Interstate 75, which will take you north right to right to Richmond or to Lexington. Renfro Valley Kentucky farm for sale, perfect for hunting land, recreational land, standing timber:

[00:01:05] And then, of course, it goes up to Sue S. Marine and goes all the way down south into Florida. But anyway, I-75 is just right over there. So you’re really close your 15 minutes to grocery store in a real town, a college town. And they got everything in Richmond, Kentucky. Look it up. You know, they’ve got restaurants and universities and everything. So it’s a real town, 15 minutes away for groceries. And then you’re just, what? Thirty miles, I’ll put it right here, 38 miles to Lexington. So you could commute there. This is a fantastic river bottom farm and there’s about 60 acres in these two fields here. And there’s a creek. It’s called the Clear Creek and you can see why when you see it. It’s very clear.

[00:01:51] And it’s got a little house here now house aren’t much, it’s 2 bedroom, 1 bath, Little old farmhouse. Probably many families grew up in that in that house. But by today’s standards, it’s in very good condition, but it’s still really small and probably not your dream house. Perfect for a hired man. Perfect for a weekend place, which is what these people use it for. They use it for a weekend, occasionally use property. They come up here, turkey hunting, deer hunting now. So you got 60 acres of bottomland that makes the most beautiful hay you’ve ever seen. And then you’ve got this level and you’ve got this next level. And this is absolutely beautiful now. So it’s not steep at all, but it’s it gently rolls up and then it’s all flat back here. Then there’s a barn back there and everything. So there’s probably another guessing 30 or 35 acres up here. You talk about a building, but. Holy moly. Now there’s a barn over there I’m going to show you. And there’s a food plot that they put for deer and turkeys all over this farm. And I’ll show you that then. Then what we’re gonna do is after that, we’re gonna run up here into these woods that are spectacular.

[00:03:00] There’s other valleys, there’s other building sites on the other side. It’s just a fantastic big timber. A lot of big timber. So if you wanted to offset some of the price of the farm, you could sell this timber off and get a whole lot of your money back. I’m going to guess about 25% your money back just on selling the timber. All right. Come on. We’ll go up there. So there’s that road. There were the Clear Creek is just like we were saying. And then the road that comes into the farm. Well, the farm is the house. Farmhouse on that barn is right down at the bottom of that hill at that foothill. I just want to show you; we came up here a little bit. That’s all flat. And what we call Boully so it goes it goes up and then goes down and comes back up again and then there’s a tobacco barn that holds about five acres of tobacco. If you’re so inclined to grow tobacco again, some people are doing that around here. It’s an it’s a popular thing because tobacco has gone up in value so much.

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