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REMAX is Wack Funny Real Estate Agent video Want a Lexington Kentucky Real estate Agent


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[00:00:04] It would go going with Remax. No. I thought we were. OH, it’s been like 3 weeks. I mean, you never got back to it. I’m getting back to you now. All right, check. Let me tell you a little something about this stuff when it comes to selling stuff straight up to a mayor. Come across a little flaky. I’ve got you covered me. No, he does. I mean, what would you want to be with this one to be? My card says when I touch turns to sold. You better look before you leave, before he sends you up a cream with 2 paddles and a vote that doesn’t leave. They did the research. They didn’t just stumble. London me. They want the best. Not tell me how you gonna compete. Double growling yachts. Balloons in the yard. Got a fish bowl. Well, you can drop your card. Take him inside. I’m a stage in superstar, but close together. Watching you like that does look better. That’s an amazing display. But if you wanna give me my money back. No money. Now you look like a guy in. Remax is wack funny Real Estate agent video

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[00:01:27] House with me, Kazakhstan’s agreed last year up to 40, while he barely sold 3, barely sold 3, so 3 with ease. The seller’s other Cambridges. That means I am the piece you see. You know, means that. No. That’s a no or yes. You do. Yes. No, I don’t even know what that stands for. Kind of hard to be talking when you’re hanging maser copies. I could slip on the bond. You can take just one take to. Whatever you wanna do on design center helps me help you. National advertising helps me help you. Brand awareness. Helps me help you out experience.

[00:02:06] Help me. Help you. Keeping real estate real like we are. Everybody knows it’s not even a boring. Everybody knows this guy. Not even born yet. Remax is wack funny Real Estate agent video

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