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Premium Kentucky Farms – Available at Marc's


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Premium Kentucky Farms – Available at Marc’s

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From raising them on a farm in high school, to eventually buying the farm from an uncle, the Baird family has spent most of their career working with hogs in one way or another. In 1987, forming a business partnership of Jimmy and Linda Baird, with Linda’s sister and brother-in-law, Connie and David Simmons, the original company, Union County Livestock, Inc. was founded. Together they came to run one of the largest hog operations in Kentucky. Only after changes in environmental laws began to cut profits did the team begin the search for a new avenue. In July 1991, after an offer for a fertilizer company fell through they purchased a local meat market, Barron’s Meats. In 1993, they changed the name to Jim David.
With the first smokehouse added just 5 years later, the small family owned business expanded into a new venture of ham production in 2003. Along with the addition of a small dedicated group of individuals, Little Kentucky Smokehouse, LLC was founded in rural Uniontown, Kentucky. The growth and success of Little Kentucky Smokehouse is attributed to the leadership and expertise of the employees and existing shareholders. Uniquely, the majority of the shareholders of the business work every day in the plant. With 20 years of experience, Plant Manager Bruce Evans manages raw production and develops new recipes, and Operations Manager Randy Coleman manages the packaging and shipping operations. Diane Robinson, with 16 years of experience in the meat industry ensures the consistent quality as the Quality Control Manager. Jimmy Baird manages day to day operations and Linda Baird oversees the financial activities. Scott Pleiss, the 24 year Operations Manager of Jim David’s completes the list of owners. Jimmy Baird strongly felt from the beginning that the success of each company was dependent on each other, and that the start-up company’s key employees should have ownership in the company.
Little Kentucky’s hams are healthy and natural, hand selected and hand trimmed. Cured and smoked the old fashioned way – with 100% natural hickory wood chips. No binders, no colorants, no artificial or liquid smoke, and NEVER water added – only natural juices.
And while still using their own grandmother Wathen’s original homemade recipes, Jim David’s salads offer a wonderful combination of flavors and textures in every bite. Nationwide selections include tuna salad, chicken salad, and ham salads, and locally pimento and hot pimento cheese salads. Little Kentucky Smokehouse purchased the licensing with Jim Beam to add additional product lines include party trays with smoky links, pulled pork, and meatballs.
Their commitment to quality has made this group of home-grown family owned businesses a success in the national marketplace. In Kentucky, they still believe that you are only as good as your name, and it their name on each products.


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