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Own this house for under $600/mo – Danville Kentucky House for sale


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Own this house for under $600mo – Danville Kentucky House for sale
that it’s going to put your payments about $600 a month. You need about $60, $80 a month for taxes, $50 a month for insurance. And where are you there? Plus, an 800 bucks a month. You can’t rent this for. That’s going to be a thousand or twelve hundred dollars a month to rent this. Why rent when we can get you most likely you zero down loan. Hundred percent financed with a USDA like a good loan. Danville Kentucky House for sale.

This would be a zero down, 30 year fixed government loan. A lot of people qualify for it anyway. If I get a hundred some finance, I’d be delighted. Before I even start, I want you to like and subscribe scribed buttons right down there. And they hit the little bell. You like ding Ling-Ling. And it will get you a notification every time I get a new video. I really enjoy these videos. I get a lot of joy out of making these for you guys. All right. Let’s talk about the house. Here you go. Yeah, 3 bedrooms, 2 bath brick and got a carport, a big driveway, paved driveway. And you got enough room for one more car here, one on the side and three.

And it’s brick all no maintenance on the outside – a Danville Kentucky House for sale.
You know, we’re in Kentucky Bourbon Country.

[00:05:52] You know what? It’s OK to be picky about things. Why not? I want to know what needs to be done if I move in. You know, like everything’s clean. There’s no cracks, no nothing. It’s like pretty nice. See big double closet there. An ample collection of teddy bears on the spacious shelf that goes around now. Hey, what’s going on outside? This is the most important part for me. You’re real close to the kitchen here. See, Get your steaks right. Ready, your hamburgers, whatever. You got the grill here. Maybe you got a smoker there, too. Plenty of room for pool plenty.

[00:08:01] Yeah. Oh, this opens up double here. It’s a double truck. So one for one. One side for your lower. Two sides for your pickup truck or a moving truck or whatever. Largest tree on earth. It is a huge maple and it goes way on up. And then there’s some other trees over there that looks like another maple.

[00:09:01] Please tell me in the comments below what you do with this backyard to make it your oasis so that you could have like a staycation, right? That’s what we do. We have like nice stuff in our instead of going to spend a thousand dollars for a weekend or $5000 for a week flying somewhere. We’ll spend a couple hundred bucks on a new grill or something fun like that to make it extra nice for us and for our guests and our family. Yeah. Yeah. You go travel. I get it. I know. I know. Would you do me a favor? Tell me what you would do with this carport. Would you use it as a carport? Danville Kentucky House for sale. Also, don’t forget to subscribe, the subscribe button right down there and hit the little bell for notifications so that you get notified when we get new video.

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[00:09:53] I know it’s been a long time since I’ve had a video. I’ve been working hard. We’ve been busting our butts. Just haven’t had time for videos. But I know you like them and I love doing them actually to. Let’s go out and look. When that happens. I wonder what that beeping was. Well, if they got rid of the garbage in the garbage can. That guy’s a good back rubber.

I can’t wait to see your comments below like and subscribe, because we’ve got a number of properties coming on the market that you’re going to want to see. Don’t forget to go to our Website bluegrassteam.com slash blog for the latest properties we have.

Own this house for under $573/mo – Although this house’s address isn’t Danville – it is still close enough to shop and go to school there. Kentucky Brick House for sale. Own this house for under $600/mo – Danville Kentucky House for sale

$573/mo = $0 down, 3.65% interest, 30 year term – based on asking price of 125,000. With Approved Credit. Consult with a competent Mortgage Broker for your numbers.

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