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Northern Kentucky school partners with college to make education more accessible


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WALTON, Ky. (WKRC) – A Northern Kentucky high school has partnered with a four-year college to help students further their education.

Matt Baker is the superintendent of Walton Verona Independent Schools. He is working hard to see that his students succeed after high school.

“There has been a lot of publicity around college debt in recent years, and that’s something everybody’s aware of. So anything that we can do to make college more affordable for our students, we want to do,” said Baker.

This is why Baker reached out to Georgetown College. The school in Central Kentucky has agreed to give seniors an incentive for working hard.

“Georgetown College was willing to offer our students a $20,000 scholarship if they had a 3.0 GPA and a 21 on the ACT,” he said.

The scholarship is $20,000 per year. It is an attractive scholarship to Anastasia Schneider, who is considering the school.

“I know college is expensive, but I know I want a big future. Going to college is the best way to do it,” said Schneider.

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The nation’s student debt has topped $1.5 trillion. Guidance counselor Sarah Hester said many students have a tough time deciding on a school because of its tuition.

“I think there will be a lot of students that were scared of that private school price tag that might take a second look,” said Hester.

Students are appreciative of the opportunity.

“We’ve all been talking about it already. So, it’s going around school. It’s a really good thing. People are really positive about it,” said Schneider.

Georgetown College said it is important to help all students realize how affordable the school can be.

Dr. Jonathan Sands Wise, the vice president of enrollment management at Georgetown College, released this statement:

“With so many new opportunities and programs at Georgetown College, it is important to help all students realize how affordable GC can be. We are honored to work with the Walton-Verona Independent School District to offer this Independent School District Scholarship, which guarantees that any graduate from Walton-Verona will receive at least $20,000 in institutional aid from Georgetown College! Many students will find that they can receive even more than $20,000 in aid, but this guarantees them a minimum scholarship. We have had many wonderful graduates from Walton-Verona over the years and we know what exceptional students they have, so we are thrilled to offer this guarantee and look forward to many more Walton-Verona students attending GC over the coming years!“


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