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My Regrets as a Computer Science Student


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Back when I was a computer science student, there are a few things I could’ve done differently to give myself a better experience – things I could’ve done to learn more and improve my skills – things I wish I knew. In this video, I refer to those things as regrets because I didn’t do them.

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 I may be biased, but I’d say ignore these timestamps and just watch the video all the way through! But I leave these here for anyone stopping by the video.
New channel or…? (0:00), 5-sec Vlog (0:39) Official Intro (1:06), Treating College like High School (2:06), Thinking CS was Software Development (3:30), One Thing I DON’T Regret (4:12), Neglecting Office Hours (5:53), Procrastinating (7:32), Another Thing I DON’T Regret – Get Internships EARLY! (8:58), Do YOU have any regrets? (10:23)

Should I make a new channel or what?

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I document and share my experiences on topics including computer science & software engineering. I’m a full-time Software Engineer and a part-time YouTuber. My less nerdy activities include fishing, hunting, surfing, and snowboarding. I’m just here to have some fun.

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