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Memorial Day weekend road trip to Kentucky with our 9 kids! Part 2 of 2


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On Sunday we went to the apple orchard old regular Baptist church up in the mountains where our family lives. It was a beautiful funeral service and I was honored to be a paul bearer. The cemetery there is so beautiful, what a peaceful place. We got to see my great grandparents graces from my dads side of the family (Robinsons and Maynards). After the funeral we went up the road to my cousins house in Brushy and he took us all up their mountain to see their natural gas well. We had a blast and it was quite the workout! We also got to see another cousin’s cabin which he hand built with lumber he milled on the family sawmill. The inside was absolutely gorgeous! He is very skilled with his hands. The kids got to “mine” their own coal from his yard, right from the mountain side. We headed home on Monday and got home a little before dark which was nice.

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