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Meghan Trainor and her husband Daryl Sabara “only fight” about food.

The 29-year-old pop star – who has been married to ‘Spy Kids’ actor Daryl, 30, since 2018 and has 20-month-old son Riley with him – appeared alongside food blogger Gaby Dalkin on her show ‘My Best Friend’s Kitchen’ and joked that her husband “might be a serial killer” because he isn’t a fan of dipping sauces.

Whilst preparing a labneh, feta, and garlic dip in an upcoming clip from the show, she said: “I will tell you right now that my husband — he might be a serial killer because he doesn’t love dips. That’s the only place we fight! It’s been a real topic of discussion in my house. I think he’ll eat this to be polite. But we’d really need to test it and see. It’s a problem!”

The ‘Made You Look’ hitmaker went on to add that she and Daryl once got into an argument at a restaurant over his refusal to add soy sauce to sushi

She said: “We got into a fight at a sushi restaurant once because I was like ‘Just add soy sauce!’ and he was like ‘I like it plan!”

In response, host Gaby joked: “Wow, he might be a serial killer! If I didn’t know him and know that he’s actually the nicest, cutest dad of all time, I would be very concerned for him.”

Towards the end of last year, the ‘All About That Bass’ singer revealed that she was hoping to be pregnant again soon and that she and her husband eventually want to expand their brood to a total of four.

Asked about her plans for 2023, she said: “Hopefully, I’ll be pregnant. I’m trying to make four children, so I’ve got to get on it! After having a baby, I was like, there’s nothing I can’t do. So now I’m just trying to knock off all my dreams on my dream list.”

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