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Meet the Artists panel at Berkeley Rep's Summer Residency Lab in Berkeley, CA—Thurs, July 6 2017


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Meet the artists involved in Berkeley Rep’s Summer Residency Lab, the cornerstone program of The Ground Floor: Berkeley Rep’s Center for the Creation and Development of New Work livestreaming on the global, commons-based HowlRound TV network at howlround.tv Thursday, July 6 at 6:15 p.m. PDT (Los Angeles) / 8:15 p.m. CDT (Chicago) / 9:15 p.m. EDT (New York).

Panelists include:

Lisa Peterson
Todd Almond
Glen Berger
Alex Harvey
Donnetta Lavinia Grays
Marissa Wolf
Dustin Chinn
Mina Morita
Tony Meneses
Tony Speciale
Eugenie Chan
Byron Au Yong
Mfoniso Udofia
Diana Lynn Small
Heather Johnson
Marie Ponce
Paige Tautz

The Ground Floor Summer Residency Lab is Berkeley Rep’s cornerstone program for the creation and development of new work. We think of it as a research and development lab where the creative process is prioritized above all else. This is because often, artists are under pressure to quickly create a polished product. Rehearsal schedules can be punishing, and even developmental opportunities frequently come with restrictive formats that don’t work for every play.

Mary Jane's Garden - Get Ready For Spring 250x250

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The Summer Lab is built foremost with flexibility – our artists make their own schedules and are under no obligation to showcase their work. Our staff is on hand to respond to eclectic creative needs as they arise. (We’ve heard: “Can we stand in the middle of the street in a life-size camera costume?” “Do you know any good trumpet players?” “Is there a pool with a viewing window around?”) We pride ourselves on bending and swaying with ideas as they float around, often landing somewhere totally unexpected but really exciting.

We emphasize process over product. We provide resources for artists to respond to the modern and changing world, promote cross-pollination among artists and place high value on face-to-face contact. We celebrate language in its broadest terms and define it as more than just the spoken word: we will use our theatrical medium to explore language in all its forms.

The Ground Floor is supported by the National Endowment for the Arts/ArtWorks, Time Warner Foundation Inc., the Tournesol Project, Bank of America, and individual supporters of Berkeley Rep’s Create Campaign.

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