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Meca ( Phat Farm Car Audio Show ) April 11th Russellville, Kentucky!


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Put this together for you all! Sucks the resolution in the live stream wasn’t good! I’m going to make sure that don’t happen at next show! I had a badass demo on the live stream! Hair tricks! And Major Flex! But it didn’t stream good!And my phone kept dying! Sorry about that! This was my 1st day off work in 2 weeks! So I didn’t get prepared as I needed to be. But I learned a lot. I’ll be going to more Shows soon as I can! And this time I’ll be ready!Oh and I’m super stoked about my meter score! 147.10 db @ 29 Hz Clamped 5823 rms! Box rise🤷‍♂️ Also I probably would have scored higher if I knew my peek. My box is tune to 42 hz. But my subs built to play lows! So I’m going to be working on my peek before the next show! Thank you to all the staff and bassheads at Phat Farm today that made all this possible! 👍And Big shout out to Team BassOutlaws ! (TBO BassJunkie2020)

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