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Logan County Kentucky – The Early Years


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Logan County Kentucky, named for Revolutionary War General Benjamin Logan, was formed on September 1, 1792 and originally covered the entire western portion of Kentucky. Portions of the original Logan County were later broken off to form 28 additional Kentucky counties.

The Red River Meeting House in southern Logan County was the site of the first religious camp meeting in the United States. Held in June 1800, this event is recognized as the start of the Second Great Awakening which spread across the frontier.

Early Logan County communities, such as Big Boiling Spring (now Russellville), Kilgore Station (now Adairville) and Woodville (now Auburn) became important commercial and educational centers in the early 19th century. Numerous historical figures lived or conducted business in Logan County, Kentucky.

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Logan County was also the location of the famed Jackson-Dickinson Duel on May 30, 1806, the culmination of a feud between General Andrew Jackson and Charles Dickinson over a horse-racing bet.

This video was uploaded on behalf of the Logan County, KY Genealogical Society. For additional information about the video, the events it portrays, or anything else related to the history of Logan County, please contact the society through their Facebook page — https://www.facebook.com/Logan-County-KY-Genealogical-Society-262003557175498/


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