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Log Cabin w Creek in Kentucky – Real Estate Log home


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http://BluegrassTeam.com/homefinder call or text 859-494-5521 for more pics and info on this Log Cabin for sale in Kentucky. a Small house and unassuming profile with a large square footage, workshop, basement, woodstove. Log Cabin w Creek in Kentucky – Real Estate Log home

Log Cabin w Creek in Kentucky – Small house Log home prepper survivalist:
[00:00:00] We scour the countryside looking for deals for you and I get to photograph them, I got the best job in the world. This place, I can’t tell you how beautiful it is. There’s ride in you are five miles to downtown Lawrenceburg. So what’s Lawrenceburg? It’s got a lot of stuff. Lot of stores, a lot of shopping and it’s kind of a bedroom community sort of to Frankfurt, which is the state capital that has 75% of the state’s jobs. So that’s not too far away. I’ll put it down here and five miles to Lawrenceburg, another five miles out to the Bluegrass Parkway, which is, for all intents and purposes, an interstate. It goes to Lexington and goes to Elizabeth Town. It’s got a lot of stuff. Let me tell you about this real quick. First of all, the Kentucky River is way down in there. OK, so this is not flooded. This is way up and then it’s way up again where we are here. And it’s maybe Hatano, 20, 30, 40 feet down to the river. So you’ve got over 200 feet of Kentucky River frontage. So you can you could build steps down there and put a dock or go fishing or put your boat in or whatever. There are easier places to quit your boat and then going down there. But there’s all little cabins on across the other side where people live full time and in there on the river as well. So it’s very beautiful here, very quiet. This is a cul de sac. Log Cabin w Creek in Kentucky – Small house Log home prepper survivalist:

[00:02:00] You know, from here, it looks like a tiny little cabin. But wait. It’s got city water. There’s flagstones. Very nice. And then that’s the real deal. That’s 10 inch logs right there I can’t tell you how strong those are sworn in. Got this cross dawn law that nine light crossed buc oak floors, a big brick chimney in the middle, which is really nice and you know, that’s kind of cool, right? But inside is super-duper because as this warms up, it stays nice and warm and radiates into you. You’ve got the wood stove with a real wood stove with a blower obviously, you see the wood there, vaulted ceilings, nice windows things that everybody wants is a big room, so a good sized room and no, I thought your text that went off, it’s just mine every time I hear that sound, I’m in a crowd. I was reached from my pocket.

[00:09:06] Ok. Here is another Sprite. Check this out. It’s like a mother daughter, like a teenage flat, like whatever you want to call it. There’s a third full bath and I think Jeremy told me. The guy said something like a calming kitchen or something. I’m like a candy kitchen. You kidding me? This is like a full apartment. I would live here. Look at this. How cool is this? Big side-by-side refrigerator. Like I mean, big like the size of the one I’ve got in my house How many is this? So truly, if you’ve got a teenager or a disc, be great guestroom. Or mother in law, Neal or whatever, father in law, something, you know, people are moving in together. Aging parents, that sort of thing. Perfect. You keep an eye on grandpa so he doesn’t need for balls, ice cream like my father in law does.

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[00:14:04] But just for the newsletter, click here and put your put your name in. Go to our Web site anytime. Bluegrass team e-com. We love having you. We love having our 5000 plus subscribers on a YouTube channel We appreciate every one of you. We appreciate every view. So give us a call. Give Jeremy call. Come on out. Make this place yours. Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. You’re right near the state capital. You’re in the middle of a bluegrass. You’re real close to Lexington. And you got a cute cabin at the greatest price and thanks so much for watching on the Kentucky River. Yeah, I could make this mine. Log Cabin w Creek in Kentucky – Small house Log home prepper survivalist:

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