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Locking Through on the KENTUCKY River | Living on a BOAT | Visiting Frankfort, KY


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River Lock Trip! Cissy and Bud are locking through on the Kentucky River from Carrolton to Frankfort, Kentucky. Subscribe to follow our journey https://youtube.com/.cissyandbud?sub_confirmation=1

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We hopped on our friend’s Manitou SHP Pontoon Boat and drove 65 River Miles through the Kentucky River Locks to Frankfort, KY.

Cissy and Bud – We sold our house, ditched our corporate climb, and traded our Porsche for a Prius. This is our Reset.

Cissy and Bud stopped working in the Spring of 2018 and have been enjoying life in unique ways ever since. Stay Tuned.

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0:52 Boat Carburetor Project
1:20 Packing the Pontoon
1:30 Markland Dam
1:49 Gassing Up the Boat
1:58 Back Up Gas Can
2:02 Carrolton Point Park
2:08 Ohio River
2:15 Dropping the Boat into the Ohio River
2:34 Boat Launched!
2:39 Foggy Kentucky River
2:46 Weather
2:59 20 MPH
3:07 Low Head Dam (Weir)
3:16 Kentucky River Lock #1 Carrolton, KY
3:26 Brief Kentucky River Lock History
3:53 All the Way to Frankfort
4:25 Kentucky River is 255 River Miles Long
4:40 Interstate I-71 Bridge
4:53 Yeti Cooler
5:12 Bud Driving the Manitou Pontoon
5:18 Fun Fact about Eagle Creek
5:36 Hair Blowing in the Wind
5:53 KY River Temperature
6:04 Kentucky River Lock #2 Lockhart, KY
6:43 Kentucky River Lock #3 Monterey/Gest, KY
6:50 Chamber Fill Rate
7:23 New Boater Friends
7:34 40 MPH
7:40 Buffalo Trace Distillery
7:42 Fun Fact Oldest Bourbon Distillery
7:49 Kentucky River Lock #4 Frankfort, KY
8:03 Frankfort Boat Club
8:39 Frankfort, Kentucky
8:51 Franklin County Court House
9:09 Bourbon on Main
9:33 Day 2 – Kentucky River Trip
9:42 Frankfort Boat Club
9:58 Kentucky River Palisades
10:13 Pontoon Launched
10:37 Kentucky River Lock #4 Frankfort, KY
11:03 Low Head Dam (Weir)
11:08 Buffalo Trace Distillery
11:18 Fun Fact Bourbon Barrels
11:24 Kentucky River Lock #3 Monterey/Gest, KY
11:38 River Lock Trip
11:50 Kentucky River Lock Information
12:28 Kentucky River Lock #2 Lockhart, KY
12:30 Halfway Point between Frankfort and Carrolton
13:12 Boat Rain Gear
13:19 Rain Poncho
13:36 Sun Peaks Out
13:50 Kentucky River Lock #1 Carrolton, KY
13:52 Future Florida Plans
14:17 Kentucky River Dump Rate
14:30 Celebrate
14:33 Carrolton, KY Boat Ramp
14:58 Beast Pizza

Get your mammogram. Talk soon.

– Cissy and Bud


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