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Living in Louisville | This City is MORE than Kentucky Derby


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Louisville is a great up and coming city with a population of over 600,000 residents. While they are known for the Kentucky Derby, Louisville slugger, and the bourbon trail; maybe they should be even better known as the city with economic potential and affordability in housing. While salaries are not very high in Louisville, it is more of a reflection of the lower cost of living here. Louisville’s median home price is still under $200,000 so owning a home in the area is a realistic goal. If you live here you can make it if you have a plan in place and execute it.

Unfortunately, Louisville has a high crime rate and the city does have areas where you probably don’t wanna be. The violent and property crime rates are both more than double the national average, which doesn’t reflect well on the area. There are some suburbs that have much lower crime rates if being in the city does make you uncomfortable. Check below in the description.

Politically, Kentucky is pretty conservative and the Louisville area is very liberal. If you are liberal, the local politics match what you are looking for and if you are conservative the state politics are probably more likely to agree with you. The counties surrounding the Louisville area are conservative though, so take that as you will.

They do get less sunshine, more rain, and more humidity than the average across the country. If you are particular about the weather, this area is not likely to meet your optimal desires. Louisville is not very diverse, so if diversity matters to you there are cities all over the south and midwest that are more diverse.

I hope you all enjoyed the video! Check the links below for information on entertainment, the best suburbs, and other fun things to do in the city.

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