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Lexington's Coolest Event Space! – Limestone Hall – Lexington Kentucky Real Estate Show #183


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In this very short but awesome episode we check out Limestone Hall. This building was built in 1899 and the exterior is comprised mainly of limestone. Hence the name. The building served as the circuit court house all the way up until the late 90’s when the city built the new court houses on North Lime and Short. This beautiful building has been completely renovated and there are numerous tenants due to move into the building in the near future. We are checking out the 3rd floor known as “Limestone Hall” which is an event space and available for rent. Check out their website below.

Limestone Hall: https://www.limestonehall.com/

Mary Jane's Garden - Get Ready For Spring 250x250

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Special Thanks to Traditional Bank for the invitation!

Video by:
Morgan Franklin
Atlas Trust Real Estate
(859) 576-0801


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