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Lexington KY house for sale – Rental house for sale Best Real Estate Agent in Lexington Kentucky


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http://BluegrassTeam.com/ 859-494-5521 – Lexington KY house for sale – Rental house for sale in Lexington Kentucky. Best Real Estate Agent Lexington Kentucky. All brick house – great location, 3 beds, 1.5 baths, 1 car garage.

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[00:00:00] Don’t forget to subscribe and turn on notifications. You’ll get a notification on your phone every time I upload new video right here in Lexington within city limits. You’re just a half mile down. Here you go a couple blocks and there’s a gas station down there. There’s a whole strip mall, there’s a barber shop, a pizzeria. Like all kinds of great fun things to do. half-mile, you can just walk on the sidewalk, take your kids for a walk or whatever. God knows I need exercise, especially to go to the pizzeria. And it’s kind of funny, isn’t it? You’ve got a brick ranch here. He’s got a one car garage off street parking. All that stuff. These houses are built like a tank. Right? So beautiful yard close to everything. The key here is the location. Absolutely. By far. Let’s call it. All right. Yes. Beautiful laminate floors, no maintenance, brick, fireplace, drank all the stuff you can see.

[00:00:51] I want to show you the stuff you can’t see. Of course, it’s the location. It’s amazing. Nice dining room. The backyard is awesome. Where do you see it?
Washer and dryer right here. You got all the appliances right here. Now, this is interesting here. This is a bonus room. Got the garage, too. If you have a garage like my garage, you want to use it for a workshop. So is it like a perfect workshop? Maybe it’s a home office, maybe craft to.

[00:01:37] Got a nice cozy bath. The vaulted ceilings are really where it’s at. Here you get one of the bedrooms here. Second bedroom here and third bedroom here.
So a three bedroom, one bath and home office bonus room. That sort of thing. And the vaulted ceilings. Let’s go on in the back. Show you outside. You’re gonna love this. Here’s the outside. This is great. You’ve got a patio here for barbecuing and whatnot and all fence. So you fence over on this side. You fenced in the back fence on the other side. Beautiful, huh? That nice neighbors again. These houses are built like tanks. If this property is right for you, fantastic call can phone numbers right there. If this property is not perfect for you. Fantastic. Get on a mailing list and that address is right there. And we will send you properties that meet your criteria, that meet your price range, and we’ll send you videos before they hit the market. That’s the key is to get on that mailing list so you can get the properties before they go to the general public. Thank you so much for watching and enjoying this morning with me in Lexington, Kentucky.

[00:03:10] This is one of the finest real estate agents you’ll ever meet. Here he is once again traversing the road. I can’t wait to see your comments below. Subscribe because we’ve got a number of properties coming on the market that you’re going to want to see. Don’t forget to go to our Website bluegrass team.com/blog for the latest properties we have. Lexington KY house for sale – Rental house for sale Best Real Estate Agent in Lexington Kentucky.

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