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Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission | Wikipedia audio article


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The Office of Kentucky Nature Preserves is an agency of the Commonwealth of Kentucky in the United States dedicated to the protection of Kentucky’s natural heritage. It oversees a statewide program of nature preserves, Kentucky Wild Rivers Program, and the “Nature’s Finest” license plate program of the Kentucky Heritage Land Conservation Fund Board. The program was formerly known as the “Kentucky State Nature Preserves Commission”, from 1976 until a reorganization in 2018.Statewide Nature Preserve / Natural Area List:

Axe Lake Swamp State Nature Preserve
Bad Branch Falls State Nature Preserve
Bat Cave and Cascade Caverns State Nature Preserves
Beargrass Creek State Nature Preserve
Bissell Bluff SNA
Blackacre Nature Preserve and Historic Homestead
Blanton Forest State Nature Preserve
Blue Licks State Nature Preserve
Boone County Cliffs SNP
Bouteloua Barrens SNP
Brigadoon State Nature Preserve
Chaney Lake SNP
Crooked Creek Barrens SNP
Cumberland Falls SPNP
Cypress Creek SNP
Dinsmore Woods SNP
Eastview Barrens SNP
Flat Rock Glade SNP
Floracliff SNP
Frances Johnson Palk SNP
Goodrum Cave SNP
Hi Lewis Pine Barrens SNP
James E. Bickford SNP
Jesse Stuart SNP
Jim Scudder SNP
John B. Stephenson Memorial Forest SNP
John James Audubon SPNP
Julian Savanna SNP
Kingdom Come SPNP
Logan County Glade SNP
Lower Howard’s Creek Heritage Park and SNP
Martin’s Fork SNA
Metropolis Lake SNP
Natural Bridge State Park State Nature Preserve
Newman’s Bluff SNA
Obion Creek SNP
Pilot Knob State Nature Preserve
Pine Mountain SPNP
Quiet Trails SNP
Raymond Athey Barrens SNP
River Cliffs SNP
Short’s Goldenrod SNP
Six Mile Island State Nature Preserve
Springhouse Barrens SNP
Stone Mountain SNA
Terrapin Creek SNP
Thompson Creek Glades SNP
Three Ponds SNP
Tom Dorman SNP
Vernon-Douglas SNP
Woodburn Glade SNP
SNP indicates State Nature Preserve
SPNP indicates State Park Nature Preserve
SNA indicates State Natural Area


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