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Kentucky Small Business Health Care Benefit Plan Option Any Time of Year


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1. ACA Compliant
2. ERISA Compliant
3. Employer – although they are billed and “pay” on behalf of employees- but they can deduct ALL or a portion of costs from employee’s wages so in effect NOT PAYING ANY of the employee monthly costs if they choose- unlike with traditional insurance in which if you offer it- you pay (under 50 full time employees; over 50 employees- they do need to pay) ($24 a year to join coop)
4. Refund of claim money. With “insurance” you do not get a refund. With this plan, everybody puts money into it. If the group doesn’t use all the funds, it is given back to the business owner to reduce rates for all the following year. WOW!
5. Re-insurance purchased so if money goes above the claim fund the employer is not liable.
6. Expert team to answer all employee questions, promote the plan, do a presentation with Q&A. The business owner and HR do not have to handle it.
7. Great solution for Employers to attract and retain valuable employees with a robust medical benefits program; an incentive; a perk
8. No open enrollment constraints- we customize open enrollment for you

1. Low monthly cost.
2. No deductible
3. ACA compliant which includes Minimum Essential Coverages including Preventative Care, Routine Well Care, Adult Preventative Services and Screenings (physicals, flu shots), Woman Preventive Services and Screenings (pap smear), Child Preventive Services and Screenings (immunizations, physicals), and 100% of ACA Mandated Prescriptions such as birth control.
4. Prescription pharmacy benefit
5. 24/7 telecare video portal to doctor (Doctor visit ONLINE through video) – Virtual Clinic which allows members to call and speak to a state board certified physician who will be able to triage the patient and if required, prescribe appropriate medications to be picked up at a member pharmacy.
6. No pre-existing limitation
7. At the date of this posting (subject to change), we are using the largest private PPO network in the USA! It is comprehensive coverage. Consider if you want to also obtain the ASH Catastrophic Plans as well. Together they are still far less than traditional health insurance. Primary Care, Specialist, and Urgent Care Visits, X-rays, CT, MRI, Lab/Diagnostics, Chiropractics (see website for exclusions)
8. Discounted dental
9. ID card: PPO / plan info
10. No waiting periods (see website for exclusion)

Learn Rates, Different Plan Options and Coverage Details info here: https://dachealthcare.com/101220379

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NOTE: This is not “insurance” but rather a co-op; Regulated and in compliance with Federal ERISA and tax laws, in compliance with ACA; comprehensive coverage.

* INFO is accurate as we can make it but only as of the date of posting. Those interested must look into current laws and also visit our website for any program chances and updated info

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