Kentucky Fried Movie: A Fistful of Yen (1 of 4)


The Kentucky Fried Movie
A KFM Film
Released 1977.08.10
Directed by John Landis
Written by Jim Abrahams, David Zucker and Jerry Zucker
Starring Bill Bixby, George Lazenby, Evan C. Kim, Bong Soo Han, Donald Sutherland, Henry Gibson, Barry Dennen and Agneta Eckemyr

One missile from the previously-announced (Film at 11) dual Russia–U.S. attack is revealed to be Chinese-made. The Chinese government denies any involvement. The mastermind behind the attack turns out to be a Chinese Dark Lord named Dr. Klahn (Han Bong-soo). In a parody of Enter the Dragon, the UK government hires Loo (Evan C. Kim playing a Bruce Lee lookalike with an Elmer Fudd voice) to penetrate Dr. Klahn’s mountain fortress and destroy his operation. Loo refuses the mission at first, but happily agrees once he is told he would get to kill dozens of people. The fortress is so organized it even has its own guided tours for their storage of drugs and weapons of mass destruction. When Loo is discovered, he first defeats Dr. Klahn, then an absurd number of warriors who keep appearing in waves. Big Jim Slade from the “Wonderful World of Sex” sketch re-appears to loud marching band music, and this time he frees the fortress’ prisoners who rush to engage in battle. Alone, he then performs various bodybuilder poses in quiet ambiance. In a parody of The Wizard of Oz, Loo is sent back to Kansas after his victory and learns it may have all been a dream.

From Wikipedia:
The Kentucky Fried Movie is a 1977 independently made American anthology comedy film, produced by Kim Jorgensen, Larry Kostroff, and Robert K. Weiss and directed by John Landis. Among the numerous star cameos are George Lazenby, Bill Bixby, Henry Gibson, Barry Dennen, Donald Sutherland, Tony Dow, Stephen Bishop, and the voice of Shadoe Stevens. According to David Zucker on the DVD commentary track, David Letterman auditioned for the role of the newscaster but was not selected. The film also features many former members of The Groundlings and The Second City. The “feature presentation” portion of the film stars Evan C. Kim and hapkido Grand Master Bong Soo Han. The Kentucky Fried Movie marked the first film appearances of a number of actors who later became famous, as well as being the vehicle that launched the careers of the Zucker brothers, Abrahams, and Landis. Landis’ work on the film was responsible for his being recommended to direct National Lampoon’s Animal House in 1978. The film’s writers were the team of David Zucker, Jim Abrahams, and Jerry Zucker, who subsequently wrote and directed Airplane!, Top Secret!, and the Police Squad! television series and its film spin-offs, The Naked Gun films.

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