Kentucky Football GameDayApp


GameDayApps is taking a different approach on Sports Apps for the Mobile Web. Rather than broad-based apps that answer one or two questions about EVERY team in EVERY game, GameDayApps decided to stay narrow and deep, dealing with YOUR favorite team one question at a time.

What’s the line on the game? How do I get to the Stadium? What channel is the game on? Who is number 55 on defense? Can we call and get tickets? What did their coach say about us? What are the bloggers yapping about?

We try and anticipate most questions a fan can ask prior to the game and provide a compact way to discover that information.

Each app delves into all the local color the true fan needs to follow their favorite team. The App allows you to access local papers and beat writers, the opponents local papers, and the coach’s websites for each team. You can see what you are saying about them and what they are saying about you, all the way up to game time. You can also revel in victory and check the articles of your opponent the day after the game.

The App also brings the best of the iPhone to your specific sports interest. It taps into “Maps” to give you immediate directions to the Stadium (Home or Away). It will give you up-to-date weather information and allow you to call the box office for tickets right from the app.

The App also brings you a Twitter based view of your team. Under our “Tweets” section, GameDayApps has created an account that follows current players, current coaches and ex-players of just YOUR team. That way you can see the un-edited views of the players, coaches and alumni before, during, and after the game. You don’t have to worry about media twists, you’ll see the thoughts straight from the source!

You’ll have all the links to the blogs, popular links, and websites of note for your school. Local news stations and radio affiliates are also included. Whether you are in your car after the game, in an airport, stuck at a wedding, or on your couch, you can dial in to all of your favorite media outlets immediately.

You’ll have the roster, the Vegas Line, and all available TV information so you can find exactly who is doing what and where for your favorite team.

We add more each weekend and we are always open for suggestions. In the meantime, try the app out for yourself. You’ll spend 5 bucks on a bumper sticker, so why not try GameDayApps for $2.99? This will last longer and you’ll have the deep view of YOUR team for the year right at your fingertips!!


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