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Kentucky Cuisine – Kentucky Bourbon & More at The Miller House


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Kentucky Tourism celebrates Kentucky cuisine. Tiffany Mitchell goes on an amazing one-week journey to find great examples of 4 unique, Kentucky-famous dishes. In this video, she continues her culinary adventure with a visit to The Miller House in Owensboro to view their extensive bourbon collection, and to sample dishes from their bourbon-themed menu. For more information about Kentucky’s cuisine and great eating places, visit these links: https://youtu.be/o-aOA230iH0?list=PLD-224kJs-WWMsaFjuwjxcHZWzuJEh_wW or https://youtu.be/azH-QXCw4Tk?list=PLD-224kJs-WWMsaFjuwjxcHZWzuJEh_wW


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