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WASHINGTON, D.C. (WDRB) – Barricades still linger two years after the attack on the U.S. Capitol, but Kentucky congress members say business inside is returning to normal.

“Well fortunately, it’s quiet,” Sen. Mitch McConnell said. “The country needs that and it’s good to see.”

Kentucky Senator Rand Paul said he feels safe with current security measures.

“I don’t think they were necessarily prepared for so many people all at once and I think that’s, obviously by the result, that the Capitol was breached. And so really, to me, it was always not so much about politics, but about crowd control,” Sen. Rand Paul said.

In the House, Kentucky Representative James Comer, said he was on the floor when it happened and called it a “terrible day in the history of America.”

“It should never happen again. And I hope that Americans learned from the mistakes of that day,” Rep. Comer said.

Senator Paul said America is not in constant chaos because “most people obey laws voluntarily,” and what happened was a moment of lawlessness.

“And so we depend on the lawfulness of citizens for the most part, but we do have to be prepared for something getting out of hand and they weren’t prepared on that day,” Sen. Paul said.

The lone Democrat for Kentucky in either chamber, Representative Morgan McGarvey, said he feels more motivated to protect democracy as he joins the first freshmen class of congress since the attack.

“It’s also the first class that has been elected post January 6. And so you know, I hope this stays but I certainly sensed a feeling of duty, of responsibility, to make government work to protect democracy, really get things done,”  Rep. Morgan McGarvey said.

“And hopefully, we’ll never see history repeat itself with respect to what happened on January 6,” Rep. Comer said.

As for the public, people can take tours of the Capitol again. Barricades and security are still present all around the grounds.

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