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How to Make Money with Horses – 5 Passive Income Side Hustles for Horse Lovers


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How to Make Money with Horses – 5 Passive Income Side Hustles for Horse Lovers

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In this video I dive deep into 5 Passive Income Ideas so you can learn how to make money with horses! When I left the USA 10 years ago to work with horses I always knew I wanted to make a living with horses. I just didn’t know HOW! I wish I would have had someone who knew how to make money for horses when I was young because it took me years to figure it out on my own. Luckily, in today’s video I am sharing you my best tips on things you can do from your computer in the equestrian niche which will teach you how to make money with horses. Good luck!

Let’s get started…

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Idea #1: Affiliate Links
If you already have a horse blog or website then you can easily start using affiliate links to make money with horses fast!

Idea #2: Fiverr
Fiverr is a great way for freelancers to post odd gigs and jobs and make 5 bucks here and there. Here is a link to Fiverr so you can explore around and get a few ideas on the types of Gigs available: http://www.fiverr.com/s2/013ba65a6d

Idea #3: Youtube
You can earn money with your youtube by promoting affiliate links (such as the Equestrian Adventuresses Book Series: www.amazon.com/shop/equestrianadventuresses ) or with ads.

Idea #4 & #5…… watch to the end!

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How to Make Money with Horses – 5 Passive Income Side Hustles for Horse Lovers


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