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How Common Core Ruined USA Education – Kentucky Parent Reacts To & Talks About Education Standards


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Common Core education was and still is a horrible design. As a parent, I have struggled many times to help my own children with their school work. Find out why!

0:00 Introduction & Audio/ Video
1:25 Reaction Begins
2:44 I Don’t Get Math – It’s Wrong
4:30 What Is Common Core
5:00 Teaching Standardized Tests
7:17 Fear USA I Falling Behind
7:57 Different States = Different Education
10:13 A Race To The Top
12:10 Parents Can’t Help Their Children
13:39 Thank You For Admitting It FAILED
14:17 Success Versus Failure
14:40 Poor Students Are Never Considered
15:28 Common Core Is Dead
16:35 Replacements For Common Core
17:50 Politicizing American Education
19:20 Quoting Albert Einstein
21:01 Final Thoughts About Common Core & Goodbye


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