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Harrodsburg, KY horse farm land for sale Kentucky real estate


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[00:00:00] Piraha Common’s Fairy Farm and it’s 10 acres here is in Mercer County and it’s right near the Commons Ferry Marina and Campground RV Center, which is right down that road that way ends right in the water.

[00:00:15] And if we were up a little higher, you could see the Kentucky River right there, which is really quite nice anyway. This is 10 acres and the views are amazing.

[00:00:28] I’m going to zoom out and give you the views. So if you were now I’m just standing on the ground level. But if you’re going to build a house, you’re gonna be a foot or 2 or 3 or 5 or whatever above that. Look at these views here for a house. You got the farms there, the cattle. I love those white designer French type cattle, the Sharlee.

[00:00:47] You know, a great place to put in a pond right there has a beautiful home back up in there. Everything you see here is just gorgeous. We’ll do a full 360. You get a chance to see what it would be like if you’re standing on your porch or sitting at the kitchen table having a cup of coffee in the morning. Sources by Harrodsburg. And you can look on the map where it is. I can show you on the map.

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[00:01:22] Really beautiful. I’m going to go in the back.

[00:01:25] Show you some more of this team, magic. Build your house up here. Horse barn. Place for the kids to run around. You know, it’s really hard to see these farms. You should just show a video of grass. It’s hard to feel the way it is when you’re standing here. So beautiful, so serene. The views are amazing.

[00:01:46] You’re 10 minutes from town, which is Wal-Mart Supercenter Hospital, all that sort of thing. I kind of harp on the Wal-Mart thing often because that’s what people ask, you know, where can we go shopping? Of course, there’s Kroger. There’s all kinds of stores. Sure. 10 minutes to town. Harrodsburg. You’re another 10 minutes to Danville, which is a college town. And you’re closer. You’re even closer than that to the lake. 20 minutes to Frankfurt. Be the capital of Kentucky.

[00:02:14] So the state capital, if you’ve got a government job or anything like that. You’re 20 minutes to Frankfurt. You’re really in a great position here. And key imagine just being in having a house and being in this beautiful countryside.

[00:02:31] Zoom in here if I can. And relaxing everyday as you come home from work. You just chilling out, looking at this as you come up to your home and then you go, here’s the fence line here.

[00:02:46] It’s not real wide, but very deep. And which is fine because a certainly wide enough to build a house and bar and all that stuff in a pool inside garden. But the fence goes all the way down to the bottom there. And it’s never. I’m gonna guess. 250 feet wide might be 225. I’m not sure to. Or 50 feet wide. So if it was 250 feet wide, you’re looking at almost 10 acres, you and almost 2000 feet deep. So that’s a whole lot of land here. You talk about being off the road or he could build you can build here. You could build on the hump. You could build real close to the road if you want to. But there are some beautiful building spots out here. Anyway, give Dan a call. His numbers right there. Give me a buzz and he will hook you up with this farm, show you around, show you around the area, say some other properties so you can make the right decision of your perfect place. Thanks so much for watching.


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