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Harrodsburg, KY brick home for sale Kentucky real estate lisitng


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[00:00:00] Today, we’re at 5644. Louisville Road in Salves, Isaac, Kentucky. I don’t know, SBIC has a post office or night or not, but it’s just north of Harrodsburg. This is 127. It’s a four lane. You’ve got two lanes on this side, two lanes on the other. I’ll tell you more about the 127 yards and a little bit. It is rush hour, so get a lot more traffic anyway. Nice location. Just tell eight minutes down to Harrodsburg about 4 or 5 minutes up to the Bluegrass Parkway and then boom, you’re right at the Lexington Airport or right up to Frankfurt. A lot of people work in Frankfurt at the state capital. Great property. Good solid property. Let’s go on inside. Harrodsburg, KY brick home for sale Kentucky real estate lisitng

[00:00:55] Ok. You’ve seen some photographs from the outside. Here’s the driveway coming in. And it’s got a little turnaround there. It’s rush hour right now, which is why there’s so much traffic here. But this is a nice road. It’s a good road. It’s 127. And every year they have the 127-yard sale. It’s like a 2 weekend long extravaganza. 450 miles. You’ll see information on that below in the Web site anyway. There’s a garage, paved driveway. You’re just a few miles up to the Bluegrass Parkway. Also known as Martha Lane’s Collins Bluegrass Parkway, just a few miles up that he makes a right to go to Lexington Airport. You make a left and you go to Elizabeth Town. You go a little bit farther up on 27 and you’re in Frankfurt, the state capital. That’s maybe 20 minutes from here, 15 to 20 minutes. You go up to I-64, make a right, and you’re in Louisville and you’re not far from there at all. And then this way, you’re in Harrodsburg, not far Wal-Mart Supercenter Hospital, the whole thing.

[00:02:05] Nice big front yard, nice landscaping. Got a nice backyard patio, but of course this is what you want to see. So let’s just come on in. You want to see what’s inside? Everybody always wants to see inside. You come in immediately, get the living room here on the left. It’s big. It’s at least I’m gonna guess 16, 20 feet long. This way that’s at least 18 feet this way. And then you’ve got a coat closet here, of course. This is a good, sturdy, solid layout that everybody’s used to. My wife’s folks have a place just like this.

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[00:02:45] It’s a 3-bedroom bath and a half. It’s got the patio doors. I mean, it’s so typical of my wife’s folks, my in-laws place. And I really love going there. So anyway, it’s good, sturdy, sturdy house, sturdy layout. I use sturdy because I have to tell you guys, sturdy because I can’t say in front of my wife she doesn’t like it when I call her sturdy. Now here’s the kitchen pass through and be nice for some bar stools on both sides. Double stainless sink, nice and deep. So we got here. You know, we got here. He the garage. This is great. You know, one oversized one car. And of course, you got access up there.

[00:03:32] And then this is a longer. So plenty of pantry space here. Washer dryer. You got a big old water tank. I’m going to guess that’s a 50-gallon water heater. And leave the backyard. Nice. You can’t see anything with this. We’ll go out to the other one can see in there. Now, I’m kind of boring with the bedrooms, with details of the bedrooms. I will tell you, it was like new carpet here. You got the brush marks in and everything. It looks brand new, smells new. You’ve got thermal pane windows till end. They’re all good.

[00:04:15] The bedroom closet got another bedroom here in the master bedroom with the tail in windows and half bath here. The sink. That’s great. And there’s your backyard. Look at that. How nice. Here’s another house up there behind you. Got a nice patio here. Which grill out there, hot tub, etc. Good house gives county call numbers right down there. Give me a buzz. Let’s make a deal on this place. Empty houses. You got to assume the sellers are motivated to make a deal. There’s a little shed. Assuming that doesn’t go past. But I don’t know. You got to ask Ken. Got to go with the house that she has got to go. Ask him. I don’t want to. I don’t want to say when it looks like it would. But there’s stuff out there. And I’m assuming they’re left to. Sturdy floor plans. I’m going to get some razzing about that. I guarantee you.

[00:05:29] This is a property line, Paul, I guarantee it. So you go here all the way out to the out to the road and there’s another Paul there. So I’m assuming this is the prop. The back of the property line. Anyway, good house, Brick. We often see a lot of brick homes. We often see little stress cracks, that sort of thing. I don’t see any of those here get home inspection. The good thing about a home inspector is the good stuff. They’ll tell you got you got a heck of a sturdy house. Thanks so much for watching. Give Ken a call. Let’s make a deal.


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