Eyeballerz Car Show in Calhoun, KY Honors Johnathan Gray


Whether you want to show off your classic car or check out the best vintage vehicles around, there’s something for everyone at the Eyeballerz Car Show Fundraiser. There are so many fun things planned in Calhoun.

Eyeballerz Car Show

Eyeballerz Car Show

Eyeballerz & Christmas Wish

At the Christmas Wish headquarters back in 2017, I had the chance to meet the Gray family. A beautiful family that was on a mission. The mission is to raise money and donate to local charities in memory of their son. There wasn’t a dry eye in the house when the story was shared about Johnathan Gray. I felt a kinship not only on that day but in all of the years since. It’s hard to believe that it happened five years ago. So many children have received Christmas because of their generosity throughout the years. The entire team donates hundreds of hours helping Christmas Wish every year. For this and for so much more, we’re forever grateful! Jonathan is looking down so proud of all that you do for the community.

Eyeballerz Car Show

Eyeballerz Car Show

Meet Johnathan Gray

Johnathan Gray had a passion for cars and people. He loved this community and his wonderful family and friends. His life was tragically cut short years ago on July 19th, 2015 by a drunk driver. He was just 24 years old. It was a blow to all who knew him. He accomplished so much in his short life and continues to inspire so many.

On July 19th, 2018 the family made this heartfelt social media post.

For those new to Eyeballerz, today is the day that reminds us to hold our loved ones close. Today is the day that reminds us that life is too short. Today is the day that reminds us why we do what we do here at Eyeballerz. July 19th is the day we lost a father, a son, a brother, and the best friend anyone could have. Johnathan loved anything fast and enjoyed helping others so much that we decided the best way to memorialize him and carry on his legacy is to bring people together to help others in need through a car show. This will be our 4th show with him watching over. We hope that we are making you proud! Love and miss you!”

Johnathan Gray Touched Many Lives

“I am sad and brokenhearted over the loss of one of the sweetest, kindest students I ever had. Even after Jonathon left 5th grade, he would stop by my classroom to see me. When I think of this sweet young man, I am reminded of his beautiful, contagious smile. Words cannot express the sorrow I feel, but Molly, and little Paxton, when I look at you both, I will see your brother and daddy as you look like Jonathon. My love, deepest sympathy, and many prayers are with you and Jonathan’s grandparents ( whom he dearly loved.)”, Lois Kuegel shared of her former student

“I am so very sorry. My most sincere condolences that you are all having to walk this path. This is a neverending journey, and so very hard. May the Lord keep his loving arms around you providing strength, comfort, and peace during this dark time. Love and Prayers.”, Angie Thomas shared heartfelt condolences

“I remember Johnathan for his wonderful artistic skill. He would show me his drawings when he was waiting for the bus. He was so proud of them. He never bragged, but he sure did smile big when I would ask about them. He did love his cars. Many people search for years to find what they love to do. Johnathan knew what he loved to do at an early age. He was a fine young man and will be missed by so many. To the entire family, you have my sympathy and my prayers are with you as you walk this journey.”, Connie Morgan recalled his creative side

I wish that I could have met Johnathan!

Eyeballerz Car Show

Eyeballerz Car Show

Eyeballerz Mission

Eyeballerz was created to keep his legacy alive and help those in need. Through their car shows and fundraising efforts, they donate all year long to impact the communities that Johnathon loved.

The Eyeballerz Car Show seeks to use the unique innovation vision of the automobile world, inspired by Johnathan Gray to change our community by raising funds for those in need. In addition, our Show creates and builds on scholarships with our local high schools for students seeking mechanic and welding degrees. The number one mission of Eyeballerz is to raise awareness of the impact of drinking and driving on us all. We invite everyone to our annual event to help us continue the inspiration sparked by Johnathan’s dream. By joining our team we can pull our efforts and resources together to use this one man’s vision to help others see through difficult times.

Hopefully, you can make it to Myer Creek Park in Calhoun on Saturday, September 17th, 2022. It also benefits Christmas Wish! I’ll be there after 12 PM and I hope to see you there too. It’s going to be a blast. The entire community is invited.





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