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Examining Mobile Apps for Library Functions #lib2013


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There’s an App for That! Or Is There? : Examining Mobile Apps for Library Functions
Emily Krug, Emerging Technologies and Cataloging Librarian
Somerset Community College Learning Commons
Presentation at online conf #lib2013 http://www.library20.com/

Emily Krug is a graduate of Milligan College (B.A., 2008) and Clarion University (M.S.L.S., 2011). Her professional interests include using mobile technologies for library functions, cloud computing, cataloging, and social media. Follow her on Twitter @ETClibrarian
Email: emily.krug@kctcs.edu

The rise of tablet computing and the advent of mobile apps are changing the way we interact with technology. The library profession should be embracing these changes. One way this could be done is through the creation of mobile apps—not only for our users, but also for ourselves.

This session will examine existing apps for librarians and will include a discussion of how librarians, particularly catalogers and other technical services librarians might use apps in a daily workflow.

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