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EPISODE 21: Win With Influencer Marketing


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Fake followers? Imposters? These are some of the things we discussed with our guest on the podcast. With extensive experience as a strategist, author, analyst, keynote speaker, and podcaster. Jason Falls has been analyzing the digital landscape for a very long time. He has been called one of the more engaging digital marketing keynote speakers available by conference and event organizers he’s worked with. He has been honored to grace the dais at events like SXSW, BlogWorld (now New Media Expo), iStrategy, The Conference Board, SEMA, SOMESSO (London) and many more. Jason has spoken on three continents and in seven countries. 

Influencer marketing or, as he discussed in his new book, influence marketing, is the practice of leveraging relationships with those who have audiences of their own to communicate your message to their audience. In this episode, Jason spoke about this and also addressed several other topics as to how business owners and professionals can win in digital today.

Learn more about Jason at jasonfalls.com

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