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End game in Kentucky – Grand Tactician: The Civil War – CSA Max Difficulty #16


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Supreme Allied Commanders: Andrew Sweets

Major Generals: Asmeroe, Aussie Striker, Cody Anglin, Curtis, Erick Jull, Jeff Moffitt, Leathen1, Nathan

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Brigadier General: McMannis85, TJ Russell

Colonels: Edward Guest, David Waite, Massimo, Woodpig

Lieutenant Colonels: Christopher Carter, Golfman, Jason Haman, Kevin Pratt, RoW-Gunny

Majors: DKman, Graham Brown, Matthew Wharton, TheDissi

Captains: Abraham Ash, Alec Cummings, Alex Wahlen, Ben Clubb, Ben McKenzie, Benjamin Sprinkle, Big Snake, Blitz 101, Brian DutchCanadian, Calvin Keinath, Christopher Jones, D Benji, Darth Vendar, Doug Wittenberg, Eric Boss, Ewen 6177, Heath Johnson, Herr Stig, Jackie Littlewood, JeanneTheMaid, Jesse Fender, John Stewart, Jordan Im-Thelander, KG, Keith Cripe, Laecrosius, Lars Olsen, Lars Porsena, Lemonsquid, Matthew Charriere, Matthew Donavan, Michael Barnes Jr., Myka B,, Nicholas Mattox, Nicolas Himes, Obamafangirl, Padre 146, Peter Gadja, RedGreen, Redman2971, Richard Clement, Robert England, Roma Aeterna, Seth Reider, Shin, Stephen Dick, TDubs, Tim Rasmuson, Vincent Cowell, Wayne Slater, Weston Burk, Jim O’Haire, Xenacity, Zack Mills


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