Earn £5 Amazon Reward Points a month by Sharing Receipts


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Amazon reward points. If you use Amazon, or if you’re tempted to start, they have introduced a new scheme whereby you can earn reward points, to store up and use for future purchases, by sharing the receipts from your purchases and completing short surveys. And whilst Amazon don’t need the publicity, lots of us could do with a fiver. So here is how to get started. 


You have to upload TEN eligible receipts per month by using the Amazon Shopper Panel app to take photos of paper receipts, or by forwarding email receipts to receipts@panel.amazon.co.uk and you’ll earn £5 towards either your Amazon Balance or a charitable donation. You can earn additional rewards every month for every survey you complete.    

Your participation, say Amazon, will help brands offer better products and make Amazon ads more relevant.  


The Amazon Shopper Panel is available to a limited number of Amazon customers in the UK, who will get an invitation to join the panel and download the app from the App Store or the Google Play Store. But don’t panic if you didn’t get an invite because you can still download the app to be put on the waitlist, and Amazon will let you know via email when a space becomes available for you to join.     

GUIDELINES for Amazon Reward Points

Your participation in the Amazon Shopper Panel is a voluntary one, and once you’ve joined, you can decide to stop your activity at any time if it’s not for you. Amazon will only receive information that you choose to share, so that means any information extracted from any uploaded receipts like product or retailer names. The same goes for survey responses: you only share what you want to share, and Amazon will delete any sensitive information (you may have included prescription information from pharmacy receipts, for example).  

You will also have the option to delete previously uploaded receipts at any time. Amazon securely stores panelists’ personal information and handles it in accordance with Amazon’s Privacy Notice. 


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