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Daniel and Katie Beaty to Sarah Colbert, Lots 1 and 2, Franklin Eugene and Elizabeth Ann Chaffin minor subdivision and The Nathan and Fida Sprague subdivision, $355,000.

Elite Contracting of Kentucky LLC to Robert and Ann Marie Chenault, Lot 23, Windsor Trace Farms subdivision, $375,000.

Jennifer Van Buren and Karen and Bradford Oldham to Jennifer Van Buren and Karen and Bradford Oldham, Lot 127, River’s Landing Edge subdivision, no tax.

Matlock Properties LLC to Harlan Construction Inc., Lot 3, Matlock Farms subdivision, $100,000.

Hudson Capital Properties LLC to Square Footage LLC, land near 10th Street, $65,000.

Scotty’s Development Company LLC and Olde Stone Development LLC to John and April Hunt, Lots 3-48 and 3-49, Olde Stone subdivision, $220,000.

Steven Smith and Heather Perdue-Smith and Robert and Dawn Wiles, land near Jack Smith Road, $1,042,000.

Estate of Willis Stone to Thang Lam Sut and Niang Lam Nuam, Lot 29, Twin Elms subdivision, $250,000.

Reeder and Betsy Martin to Reeder H. Martin and Betsy H. Martin Kentucky Community Property Trust, Lot 50, Briar Ridge Estates, $485,000.

Karen McDaniel to Handy Homes LLC, Lots 2-10, McDaniel subdivision, $700,850.

C&H Rental LLC to German Escobar, land near West 16th Street, $73,000.

Michael Hendrick to Phillip and Theresa Hendrick, Lot 2, Michael and Kathie Hendrick minor subdivision, $250,000.

Caleb and Leslie Hastings to John and Whitney Sowell, Lot 326, Briarwood Manor subdivision, $499,900.

Bobby and Anna Morrow to Bobby and Anna Morrow, land near Gayle Avenue, no tax.

Peggy Loid to Jerry and Virgia Stahl, Unit 4-D, The Greens at Hartland, $290,000.

Clayton Properties Group Inc. to Carla and Joshua Scott, Lot 72, Merrill & Shirley Stuart property subdivision, $386,791.

Proventus Properties LLC to Du Duc Trinh, land near Crow’s Lane, $25,000.

Chann John Suoy to Mario Campos Jr., land near Johnson Street, $50,000.

The estate of Kimberly Johnson to Gentry Properties LLC, Lot 15, Plano Estates major subdivision, $330,000.

Ronald and Carolyn Frint to Hudson Capital Properties LLC, land near Jack Simmons Road, $635,000.

HQ Properties LLC to Trinh Rental LLC, Lot 5 Ken-Rad addition, $40,000.

H&D Development of Bowling Green LLC to Western Homes LLC, Lot 279, McCoy Place subdivision, $49,500.

Jaron Stark to Karina’s & Sons LLC, Lot 12, Delafield subdivision, $128,000.

McKinney Farms Development LLC to LJ2 Construction LLC, Lots 214, 216, 218, 220, 222 and 224, McKinney Farms subdivision, $257,400.

Stanley Parrish to Stanley and Uretha Parrish, land near 12th Street, no tax.

Brian and Olivia Wollenburg to Gerald and Molly Ferguson, Lot 108, Sutherland Farms subdivision, $490,000.

Rita Hibbitt to Rita Hibbitt, Tract 1 (land near Delafield); Tract 2 (land near Pearl Street); and Tract 3 (land near Beech Street), no tax.

Ronald and Lisa Thompson to Phillip and Maggie Cassady, Lot 12, Honeysuckle subdivision, $187,000.

McKinney Farms Development LLC to Biggs Real Estate LLC, Lot 225, McKinney Farms subdivision, $42,900.

Susan Gerald to Susan Gerald and Christopher Welch, land near Barnard Way, no tax.

Erin and Michael Douglas to Ladonna Douglas, Lot 2, Dorris-Greenbriar subdivision, $59,644.03.

Eric and Heather Reeves to Eric Richmond Reeves Family Dynasty Trust, Lot 2, Jack Crabtree Estate subdivision, no tax.

Daniel Simon and Tia Spidel to Steven Smith and Heather Perdue-Smith, Lots 5-2, 6, 7 and 8, Forrest Hardcastle Estate subdivision, $2,100,000.

Clark Station Homes LLC to Craig Heckman, Lots 56, 57 and 58, Woodland addition, $228,000.

GWP-I LLC to Bell Vue Properties LLC, land near 11th Street, $72,000.

KNT Properties LLC to Walnut Valley Properties LLC, Unit B, Eastwood Professional Building Condominium, $277,000.

Julie and Allen Barry to David and Sara Hunt, land near Bettersworth Road, $684,250.

Gary and Sonya Bartlett to Benjamin Kadic, Lot 32, Lake Ayr subdivision, $295,000.

John Upton to Philip and Loretta Rarick, Lot 6, John B. Upton subdivision, $214,500.

Zhi-Tong He and Xiao-Li Zheng to Jorge and Gladys Villanueva, Lot 568, Greystone subdivision, $312,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Beverly and Thomas Little, Lot 2, Blevins Farm subdivision, $430,870.

Northside Development Co. Inc. to Donald Priddy, Lot 62, Maplewood Mobile Home subdivision, $27,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Carl Dittmaier to Marisol Marin, Lot 63, Blevins Farm subdivision, $421,720.

Elite Properties Investments LLC to Park Ridge Property Group LLC, Lot 10, Creekwood subdivision, $245,000.

Jagoe Homes Inc. to Zachary Barnhart and Avery Jacobsen, Lot 32, Magnolia Hills subdivision, $285,000.

Oval and Tressa Vincent to Beech Holdings LLC, 301 Riverview Drive, 110 Center St., 150 Center St., 10 Center St., 340 Second Ave., 139 College St., 137 College St., $2,000,000.

Miller & York LLC to Beech Holdings LLC, land near College Street, $181,730.77.

Miller & York LLC to Beech Holdings LLC, land near Second Street, $80,769.23.

Angela and Victor Anderson to Beech Holdings LLC, land near Second Street, $91,199.

Edwin C. and Nelda Wilbanks to Beech Holdings LLC, land near College Street and First streets, $765,957.

Bennie and Laura Jones to Ravinder Kumar and Vibha Vashistha, Lot 65, Poplar Grove subdivision, $75,000.

Heather Loid and Lane Sadler to Judy Kem, land near Rolling Fields subdivision, $280,000.

Edwin and Nelda Wilbanks to Beech Holdings LLC, land near College and Second streets, $134,752.

Edwin and Nelda Wilbanks to Beech Holdings LLC, land near College and First streets, $1,007,092.

Olde Stone Development LLC to Tony and Michelle Rhoades, Lot 11-21, Olde Stone subdivision, $125,000.

Old Town Square LLC to Bhavani Inc., Units 103A, 201B, 203B, 204B, 206B, 207B and 208B, Old Town Square Condominium subdivision, $3,575,000.

Blue Jay Properties LLC to Jerry and Leslie Thomas, Lot 1-3, Morris L. Smith Estate subdivision, $12,500.

T. Chipley and Tammie Hightower to Alexander and Rosetta Hunt, Lot 128, University Estates subdivision, $194,500.

Joe and Clara Dotson to Bryan and Sarah Lee, land near Smiths Grove and Martinsville Road, $260,000.

Donald and Deborah Cook and Nicholas and Nena Cook to Audley Property LLC, Lot 123, Stonehenge subdivision, no tax.

William and Elizabeth Jones to Julie Woodford, land near Pine Tree Lane, $240,000.

Cornerstone Construction LLP to Pin Oak Acquisitions LLC, Lot 115, Springwater subdivision, $320,000.

The estate of Philip H. Dye to Barry Dye, Linda Johnson and Brenda Dye, Lot 16, Deer Park Estates subdivision, no tax.

KMC Investment Properties LLC to Pin Oak Acquisitions LLC, Lot 107, Springwater subdivision, $320,000.

Kirsten and Aaron Poore to Marita Chavez, Lot 48, Sherwood Manor subdivision, $300,000.

Kaitlyn and Bret Embry to Robert and Karen Maxwell, Lot 217, Hidden River Estates subdivision, $300,000.

Traci Smith to Darri and Joy Pinerola, Lot 4, Poplar Grove subdivision, $61,500.

Rushing Builders Inc. to Dayflower Properties LLC, Lot 237, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $291,900.

Thaxton and Micah Spears to Bootstrap Investments LLC, Lot 52, Brownstone Farms subdivision, $202,500.

Coaljori LLC to Trinh Rental LLC, land near Woodford Avenue, $67,000.

Jean Ferguson to Corey and Bailee Thomas, Lot 62, Hunting Creek Estates, $255,000.

Gregory Todd Pardue and Trisha Lynne Rapp to James and Rachael Chestnut, Lot 34, Cambridge Grove subdivision, $550,000.

McKinney Farms Development LLC to JFJ Investments LLC, Lot 229, McKinney Farms subdivision, $42,900.

McKinney Farms Development LLC to JFJ Investments LLC, Lot 227, McKinney Farms subdivision, $42,900.

Ronald and Lisa Thompson to Timothy and Michelle Shultz, tract 1 (land near Otis Dearing Road); and tract 2 (Lot 13, Honeysuckle subdivision), $1,017,500.

Julie and Michael Reed to Lisa Cox, Lot 125, Covington Station, $240,000.

William and Brenda Huntsman to Elizabeth N. Smith Revocable Living Trust, Lot 1, Layton and Eleanora Dorris property, $297,500.

Teresa and Michael Hunt to Joshua and Ashley Lee, Lot 46, Parkway Villa subdivision, $165,000.

Terry Davis Construction Inc. to Darren and Kim Jones, Lot 8-1, Rivergreen subdivision, $120,000.

Tai Nguyen to Tammy Yen Nguyen and Thanh Duc Vu, Lots 55 and 56, Normal View addition, $410,000.

Go Big or Go Home LLC to Tammy Nguyen and Thanh Duc Vu, Lot 14, Glen Lily Manor subdivision, $120,000.

Martens Investments LLC to Mitchell and Julia McDonald, Lot 11-8, Olde Stone subdivision, $150,000.

Prestige Worldwide HC LLC to Caitlin Bowen, Lot 28, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $249,900.

Ryan Turner to Grant Patterson and Sanford and Angela Patterson, Lot 67, Stonehenge subdivision, $173,000.

Linda Bell to Linda Bell and Laura Bell, Lot 4, Charles Woolbright minor subdivision, no tax.

Dora Hoffman to Amanda and Brian Hunley, Lot 35, Remington Place subdivision, $378,500.

Cory and Martha Henon to Julie and Jordan Tyree, Lot 56, South Glen Gables residential subdivision, $479,000.

Larkin-Jones Properties LLC to Clayton Properties Group Inc., Lots 16 and 24, South Oaks subdivision, $92,881.80.

Roland Mulcahy to Will Chaney and Dennis and Cheryl Chaney, Lot 76, Thoroughbred Acres subdivision, $248,000.

Buddy Adams & Associates Inc. to Brad Kirk, Lots 1 and 2, College Heights addition, no tax.

Lisa Winsett to Connie and Jeffrey Darden, land near U.S. 68, $370,000.

Hammer Homes LLC to Scott Oswald and Emily Blankenship, Lot 124, McLellan Crossings subdivision, $267,000.

Jeanine and Kenneth Skeen to Jared Buntin and Glenn Duffer, Lot 310, Hidden River Estates subdivision, $515,000.

Azin Erfani to Sydney and Tyler Roper, Lot 91, Scottish Manor Estates subdivision, $269,900.

Gregory Willis to Jennifer Carmona-Vasquez, Lot 1, Green Meadows subdivision, $120,000.

Jennifer and Jason Wiesbrook to Matthew Anders and Rowan Hunsicker, Lot 161, Northridge subdivision, $207,000.

Rhonda Choate to Stone Bluff Manor LLC, Lot 13, Stone Bluff subdivision, $1,245,000.


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