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Danville Kentucky Real Estate For Sale homes for sale in KY 517 Perkins


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[00:00:00] I’m going to fly through this house. We’re at 517 Perkins today. I want to start here to show you that he’s got a walkout basement and it’s got a fenced in backyard. Got a deck and everything house the suite. It’s been all redone and I’m going to show you inside. It’s just 2 or three blocks out to Houston ville Road which is the big road in Danville. That’s where all the shopping is. Make left to downtown and just so my mom can check it out 517 Perkins. Let’s go. I want to point out real quick that the sun is low which is my shadow so long. So when I fly I’m going to fly through this concrete driveway. Got it right. Easily converted into living space. Here’s that chain link fence again goes in the back. Here we go Get flower boxes here in front. Of course it’s just February so we’re not flower boxes yet. All righty. Here we go. Now I get excited about this property because it’s got hardwood floors. There’s not a lick of carpet in it. Thank God. Now there’s a couple stains or stain under this chair and they’re stains here. Full disclosure I want to let you know that you get your coat closet here. And we even sand it inside. These are all new doors and they’ve got those pretty arches. And then a beautiful bronze Canada bronze handles. Big living room big living there. Danville Kentucky Real Estate for Sale homes for sale in KY 517 Perkins.

[00:01:35] And then a ginormous eat in kitchen. What can I say about this? It’s pretty. Now the view goes right off here. Onto the deck to see how big the deck is now. Now in show you outside really quick here. I walked it in this garage isn’t this nice now easily converted to living space. We have man cave out here. You could have another living room another bedroom or whatever or use it as a garage. So everything works the electric door opener thing works and everything. Go in here first and sure you got a bedroom

[00:02:33] And then here’s the 2nd bath. And we just finished this and it’s done right. This is a surround brand new everything’s new bronze. You got a Toilet there and a nice little vanity with bronze. Here you get the light fixtures in there. And then New Dawn. Everything works great. Our top guy did all of his work so all the doors were great. Then you’ve got a huge master bath. It’s actually I mean to have a part of it here. If you’re into that sort of thing everything’s in good shape, there.

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[00:03:24] Again all hardwood floors. Imagine if you got Alan Ginger Allergies No allergies no dusty stuff. You know people. Change Your Underwear once a day but they never even clean your carpets. These were good. I realized I’m not going to say hey because hey it’s a strong word but I hate those spiteful doors. Oh I didn’t say sorry. And so we’ve got those slider things on there. Here’s the 3rd bedroom. Now you could you could walk. You probably won’t. Or you wouldn’t you know but you can walk to the grocery store. I mean you’re not far from. Kroger at all. All right. So check this out. Remember I showed you the walkout basement.

[00:04:13] Well here it is. We got this property. They actually had an apartment down here. They had a family member or something. Living here. You got door right to the outside and they shared upstairs baths. So you got a bar here. So man cave whatever you want to do down here this knotty pine I don’t know what profile that is it’s not butterfly. I don’t know what profilers you’d have to ask an old guy. Somebody as old as me to know what profile that is. But it’s all Monty Python the real deal. So get this bar and it’s on an angle. Straighten things up. It’s on an angle and even the drawers are angled closer. And then you’ve got a little closet in here and there’s just stuff. And then. The laundry room

[00:05:13] Here. Right. And it’s got a really dim light back here so I apologize that way. There’s plenty of storage in there for your wine or your canned goods or whatever. And fairly new heating air system. Ok. Well anyway I just want to show this house seat 517 Perkins it’s great house qualifies for 100% loan if you got terrible credit don’t bother but if you got pretty good credit or even just decent credit give us a call. We’ll send you over to.

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