Call Of Duty’s Gets Its First Raid With Season 01 Reloaded


An operator aims a gun while moving through a Call of Duty map.

Image: Activision / Kotaku

Call of Duty Modern Warfare II is bringing even more PvE content with its Season 1 Reloaded update. Shown off for the first time during tonight’s Game Awards spectacular, we got some quick looks at Modern Warfare II’s first Special Ops Raid, expected on December 14th as a free update to the main MWII game.

The latest Call of Duty introduced new PvE experiences with the DMZ, but the main game’s multiplayer also features a series of “Special Ops” cooperative missions for two players to team up and battle it out against AI in narrative-based scenarios. Now CoD co-op is about to get a whole lot bigger with the inclusion of a series-first Raid for Modern Warfare II. The trailer features some snippets of locations we can expect to infiltrate. Check it out here:

Activision / The Game Awards

The trailer is brief, at around a minute in length. But the environments certainly look appealing. The game mode will be limited to two players, according to a blog post that detailed the mode a few weeks ago. The trailer shows off Farrah and Captain Price, among others.

While the current Special Ops cooperative modes offer some interesting environments to play through, the brief glimpses we saw in the trailer seem to combine the many varied environments we’ve shot up and blown our way through in the campaign, multiplayer maps, and even Warzone. Expect to do some swimming, battles in tight corridors, and the use of equipment like the recon drone.

The Raid will be a part of Modern Warfare II, not Warzone. So it’s likely the Raid won’t be free. And while DMZ has some rough spots, it’s definitely shown that Call of Duty’s formula has some serious PvE potential.

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